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קונסולה 16 ערוצים, אנלוגית, שליטה מלאה בתוכנות הקלטה DAW


₪307,500.00 Regular Price
₪129,500.00Sale Price
  • קונסולה עם בעלות קודמת
  • שעות שימוש מועטות
  • אחריות לתקינות
  • אספקה מיידית
  • אפשרות לתשלום באשראי
  • 16-channel/8-bus analog console
  • 16-fader control surface (ideal for small control rooms)
  • SSL SuperAnalogue signal path with component topologies found in K, E, and G series consoles
  • SSL SuperAnalogue mix bus with SSL Master Bus Compressor
  • In-line compression and EQ for each channel
  • 4-Band EQ with independent E/G curve switching
  • Compression based on the G series console
  • A-FADA Mode where motorized analogue faders follow DAW automation
  • Full MIDI/HUI-compliant control surface for use with any major DAW
  • Digital Scribble Strips for console and DAW data
  • Includes SSL's trademarked TOTAL RECALL system
  • 5.1, stereo, or mono output
  • Full 5.1 monitoring, including in-depth calibration and external metering options
  • MIDI via Ethernet for DAW connectivity
  • LOGICTIVITY browser for session management
  • Responsible "green" manufacturing and reduced power consumption
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