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מייצב מתח ומגן לאולפן ולהגברה להגנה מקסימלית על הציוד ומינימום רעשי חשמל

Black Lion Audio PG1-F mkii מייצב מתח אולפן

  • 8 Type-F outlets power conditioner
  • PG-99 Filtering Technology for an average of 99.7% noise reduction
  • Front panel XLR lamp connector for lighting
  • Voltage meter helps show current voltage in real time
  • Status LEDs and audio siren help alert for dangerous power scenarios
  • Panasonic and Wima capacitors to filter out performance-robbing high-frequency noise
  • Proper safeguard protection with a power absorption rating of 2775 joules
  • 6 switched back-panel outlets and 2 unswitched front-panel outlets
  • 3 sets of optimized outlets for digital audio, analog audio, and high current devices
  • Time delayed outlets for high current devices help protect speakers and amplifiers
  • 2-stage power up/power down system
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