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קופסת תפעול למיקרופון לשיפור ביצועי מיקרופון, עם סאונד שקוף ועכבה דינמית, פילטר נמוכים דינמי, שליטה בעוצמת מוצא

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CLZ

  • Dual gain settings for 12dB or 25dB of noise-free amplification
  • Variable impedance loading, sweepable from 150 ohms to 15k ohms
  • Highpass filter frequency variable from under 20Hz to over 200Hz
  • Improves mic gain-before-feedback ratio in live/PA applications
  • Easy-to-use; requires only phantom power
  • Compatible with dynamic, ribbon, tube, battery, or power-supply driven microphones
  • Protects passive ribbon mics with no transfer of phantom power
  • Discrete, Class A JFET circuitry and Cloud's patented Vari-Z user interface
  • Portable and roadworthy for studio, stage, broadcast use
  • Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor with product registration
  • Manufactured responsibly in Cloud Microphones' Tucson, Arizona factory
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