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  כבל אינסטרומנט איכותי 6 מטרים עם ברך לחיבור נוח למגבר

Telefunken SGIC-6R כבל כלי נגינה 6 מטרים עם ברך

  • Instrument Cable
  • 100% Copper wire
  • SGIC-6R is a 6 meter cable featuring
  • One straight male and one right angle male connector
  • Ideal for use on all audio and instrument applications

TELEFUNKEN Instrument Cables Feature:

  • 24GA copper conductors for excellent signal transfer
  • Copper braid shield for maximum RMI and EMI noise rejection
  • Low capacitance for detailed, transparent sound quality
  • Silver solder joints for maximum conductivity and strength
  • Gold platted ¼” connector jacks
  • Nylon braided sleeve jacket
  • TELEFUNKEN cable tie wrap included
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