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מיקרופון קונדנסר ממברנה גדולה, טרנזיסטורי וקרדיואיד, בעל הטון הכפול ממשפחת TG בסידרת Abbey Road

Chandler Ltd TG Microphone TYPE L

  • Solid-state large diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Descended from the innovative TG Microphone
  • Same core circuitry, capsule and ‘Dual Tone System’
  • System ‘A’ is TG mid forward and harmonically rich
  • System ‘B’ voicing takes extreme SPLs and is more pristine
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Studio workhorse capable of rivaling C414, FET47, U87, U67 and C12
  • The TG Microphone Type L is a 48V phantom powered
  • FET microphone that has a larger sound
  • Kkit includes: microphone, swivel mount and box


Chandler Limited is the only company in the world authorized to develop, manufacture and market the “Official Equipment” of EMI/Abbey Road Studios.

Chandler Limited and their associated logos are registered trademarks of Chandler Limited, Inc. Abbey Road Studios, EMI, TG, REDD and RS and their associated logos are trademarks of EMI (IP) Limited.

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