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Dangerous Music Liaison

  • Signal router/switcher
  • Allows connection of devices in six insert loops and parallel effects loops
  • Hand built in the USA
  • Audiophile-grade components throughout
  • Chris Muth designed analog circuits
  • Six stereo insert loops with true-bypass
  • Two independent stereo busses
  • Parallel processing loop on Buss B
  • Four monitor outputs for pre- and post-insert monitoring of both busses
  • Instant A/B comparisons in the analog realm
  • Four onboard memory slots for instant recall of patches
  • Seamless integration with the Dangerous MASTER or another LIAISON
  • Provides unprecedented access to your outboard equipment
  • Connect up to six of your favorite units to the Liaison 
  • Instantly audition any device or combination
  • change the order, dial in some parallel processing and then store as presets to use again, on demand, anytime
  • True hard-wire bypass relays 
  • mastering grade components provide true A/B comparisons without coloration or latency.
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