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קומפרסור VARI MU הראשון בסידרת 500 המבוסס על קומפרסור פירציילד והרצ'יילד 670 של הריטאג עם 5 מצבי קומפרסיה 4 שפופרות ו3 שנאי אודיו


Heritage Audio 670 Grandchild

  • The Fairchild for the rest of us.
  • A true recreation of the classic Fairchild sound in a convenient and affordable 2-slot-unit 500 series module.
  • Real Vari-MU compression powered by 2 NOS military grade 6BA6 tubes per channel and 3 custom made transformers at its core.
  • 5 Attack and Release times have been made even more flexible than in the original unit.
  • Immediate access to the continuously variable slope.
  • Clean, intelligent design to guarantee many years of use.
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