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ערוץ הקלטה מנורות קלאס A עם פרה אמפ מנורות, DI, קומפרסור, איקיו, לימיטר, ושעון VU בחזית

Manley CORE Reference Tube Channel

  • Manley Core - innovative channel strip
  • ALL-TUBE preamplifier audio path using 1 x 12AX7 for gain and 1 x 6922 White Follower
  • Balanced Transformer Coupled XLR Microphone Input Impedance: 1200 Ohms
  • Balanced XLR Line Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Unbalanced 1/4" Direct Input Impedance: 10 Meg Ohm
  • Hi-current drive Direct XLR output Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Silent conductive plastic INPUT attenuator
  • Microphone preamp high pass filter starting at 120Hz with a 6dB/8va slope
  • Compressor Maximum GAIN REDUCTION: 16 dB
  • Compressor ATTACK time: 60ms slowest CCW, 30ms at 12:00, 5ms fastest CW for 6dB compression
  • Compressor RELEASE time: 1.5s slowest CCW, 1s at 12:00, 100ms fastest CW from 6dB compression
  • 4 Band EQ - 80Hz Shelve, 12KHz Shelve, Selectable and Swippable midrange: 100-1Khz, 1KHz-10KHz
  • Combines Manley’s Greatest Hits
  • Intuitive front panel
  • Ease of use and intelligently layed out
  • MANLEY IRON input transformer with nickel laminations
  • Mu-metal can
  • Class A tube circuit topology found in the VOXBOX
  • Huge headroom
  • 48V Phantom power switch
  • 120Hz High Pass Filter switch
  • Phase Invert switch
  • Input Attenuator (Variable Pad)
  • Mic Pre Selectable Gain 40dB or 60dB
  • Line Amp Selectable Gain 20dB or 40dB Similar to the DI in the Manley SLAM!®
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