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פרה אמפ מנורות 4 ערוצים בעל וולטאג' גבוה

Manley FORCE PreAmp

  • Manley Labs Force 4-Channel Microphone Preamp
  • High Voltage = High Headroom
  • 12AX7 dual triode amplifying stage
  • Pure Class A
  • MANLEY IRON Mic input transformer
  • Line level or instrument level via front panel 1/4" Hi-Z
  • Phase Reverse and 120 Hz High Pass filters
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors on Mic Inputs
  • Seven-way LED metering for each channel
  • Instant visible feedback for audio levels
  • GAIN for each channel can be selected as 40 dB or 50 dB
  • Additional 10 dB of gain available via internal jumpers
  • Innovative PowerSupply design specifically for High Voltage audio vacuum tubes
  • 300 Volt DC rails to run the vacuum tubes
  • High Voltage = High Headroom
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