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מיקרופון קונדנסר מנורות מולטי פטרן ממברנה גדולה בסגנון C12 תוצרת ארהב לשימוש האיכותי ביותר שאפשר

Manley Reference Gold

  • Manley Reference Mono Gold Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone
  • One of the finest microphones that money can buy
  • Manly's own design of large capsules
  • 1.25-inch overall, 1-inch diaphragm diameter
  • Capsule rings and back-plates are milled from solid brass
  • German made gold diaphragm film
  • Tensioned by David Josephson
  • Solid capsule-to-capsule constancy
  • Superb speed, "air", and ultra-high frequency response 
  • Dual-triode 12AX7 tubes
  • MANLEY output transformer of unparalleled quality
  • Nickel laminations with "hum bucking" bi-filar windings
  •  Xformer encased in mu-metal
  • Polar pattern control continuously variable between OMNI, CARDIOID, and FIGURE 8 positions
  • Recognizable open weave stainless-steel grille
  • Open and airy sound
  • A locking 7-pin XLR connector for the power supply cable
  • Microphone body is machined from brass providing
  • Plated with 24 karat gold for an impressive finish
  • Inspiring confidence in artists and producers.
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