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קומפרסור לימיטר סטריאופוני אנלוגי עם כניסות ויציאות דיגיטליות

Manley SLAM Compressor Limiter Pre Amp

  • The Manley SLAM! stands for "stereo limiter and microphone preamplifier"
  • 2 tube microphone preamplifiers
  • 48 V phantom power, phase reverse
  • 60 dB of gain
  • 20 dB more gain in the limiter
  • Accommodate virtually any microphone
  • Combined ELOP with a fast FET-based brick-wall limiter 
  •  Give your line-level instruments a warm-up using the front-panel DI inputs
  • Electro-optical and FET-based brick-wall limiter can be used simultaneously or separately on each channel
  •  Manley's famous electro-optical ELOP Circuite
  • Transformer-balanced I/O and 1/4" phone jacks
  • 4 TRS jacks Inserts  external equalizers into the
  • Linking multiple units for surround purposes
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