Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

  • Mastering-grade compressor/limiter for tracking and mixing
  • Two compressors in series, per channel
  • Can act in stereo, or dual mono
  • Electro optical compressor, followed by discrete Class-A compressor/limiter.
  • Choose from optical compression, VCA compression, or both in series, for unprecedented dynamic control with a mastering-grade signal path
  • Optical section provides smooth, program dependent leveling, just like a classic audio leveler from the late-'60s.
  • Discrete section gives you the fast, precise sound of a classic VCA compressor
  • Sidechain frequency filter prevents frequencies below 90Hz from triggering compression for tighter-sounding mixes
  • Three selectable output transformers each have their own distinctive sonic characteristics, for unparalleled tonal control