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מיקרופון אמביסוני 4 קפסולות להקלטה היקפית ב360 מעלות, לסראונד ולאטמוס עם פלאגין לשליטה בהקלטה גם לאחר מכן

Soyuz 013 Ambisonic Microphone

  • Records 360 surround sound for playback on any format or system
  • x4 Soyuz 013 Series Capsules (25mm)
  • x4 Soyuz Toroidal Transformers
  • This is essentially x4 of our best-selling 013 FET mics combined into a single, phase-coherent, 4-channel microphone with ambisonic technology.
  • Custom Transcoder & Decoder Plugin Suite Included and Compatible with every DAW
    • Allows for manipulating the sound, changing perspectives, and shifting the room after recording 
  • 100% Handmade in-house
  • Stereo mic alternative (More Depth & Realism)
  • Room mic applications
  • One-Mic Recording / Full band & Ensemble Recording
  • Live Performances / Ambient Stage Mics
  • Sound Design, creative recording
  • Film, Gaming, VR, Immersive Recording
  • Documentary, field recording
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