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מיקרופון קונדנסר ממברנה גדולה מעולה לשירה והקלטת כלי נגינה

Soyuz SU-17 FET

  • Handmade capsule as the SU-017
  • Proprietary toroidal transformer
  • Original circuit design
  • Rich and detailed Sound
  • fast transient response characteristic of a FET microphone
  • 100% handmade in Russia;
  • Proprietary toroidal transformer;
  • 34mm gold sputtered diaphragm capsule;
  • Optional capsule: omni;
  • Optional pads: -10 dB, -15 dB, -20 dB.
  • Heavy duty shock mount; 
  • Comes in a velvet-lined, hand-crafted Russian hardwood box.
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