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מעבד קול להתאמת רמקולים לחדר, 2 ערוצי אופטימיזציה, כניסת ADAT, כניסת SPDIF, 2 כניסות XLR אנלוגיות, 4 כניסות TRS אנלוגיות, 6 יציאות, יציאת אוזניות, 8כניסות/8יציאות DANTE

Trinnov Audio Nova



  • 1x Calibration Microphone Ethercon Input
  • 1x Jack 6.35 stereo Headphone Output
  • 1x USB Type A port for La Remote
  • Standby / Mute button
  • LED status


  • ADC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24-bit/192 kHz
  • DAC Resolution/Sampling Rate: 24-bit/192 kHz
  • A/D Dynamic Range (AES17): 115 dB (A-Weighted, ref. +18 dBu)
  • D/A Dynamic Range (AES17): 115 dB (A-Weighted, ref. +18 dBu)
  • D/A THD+N ratio: > 110 dB, 1 kHz @0 dBFS (20 kHz BW)
  • Processing Sampling Rate: Native (no internal sampling rate conversion)
  • Processing Resolution: 64 bits floating point
  • 2 Optimizer processing channels included (ניתן לשדרוג)


  • 1x ADAT or SPDIF optical input
  • 1x SPDIF coaxial input
  • 2x Ethernet ports (Dante 8-in/8-out)
  • 1x AES3 XLR stereo output
  • 2x XLR Balanced Inputs
  • 4x jack 6.35mm balanced inputs
  • 6x XLR balanced outputs


  • Network connectivity: IPV4 dual connector with configurable integrated switch
  • IP Configuration modes: DHCP / Auto-IP link local / fixed IP
  • Eucon compatibility via the “Trinnov App”
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